San Juan, Puerto Rico (SJU) – Since Hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico about two weeks ago, most of the island remains without power or clean water. Maria caused massive chaos and extensive destruction across the entire island that can only be comparable to few storms in American history. This storm, being close to a Category 5 Hurricane, hit Puerto Rico directly for close to a 30-hour period which explains the excessive damage the island endured.
After this catastrophic event took place, supplies were sent to the island by various means such as by plane and boat. Upon hearing of the devastation in Puerto Rico, G1 rallied together to assist in the relief efforts. In Boston (BOS), G1 purchased several supplies such as generators, tarps, flashlights, food, and water among a number of other necessities to send on a flight to San Juan (SJU). Our team also aided JetBlue crewmembers, and inflight crew and pilots of the aircraft in loading the flight with approximately 10 tons worth of these supplies. G1 is honored to have had the opportunity and ability to help JetBlue with the relief efforts for San Juan (SJU).
A special thank you to our G1 team out in Boston for their dedication and willingness to assist in such a time as this.

Pictured below is the group effort of loading the supplies onto the aircraft:




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