Sometimes it is the little things that make the difference. Attending to our client’s entire facility is always forefront in our goals. We received the following commendation from one of our clients when two of our employees went above and beyond their normal duties:

“This morning as I came in to work, I stopped outside Au Bon Pain to say hello to one of the G1 Facility Service employees who was standing by a coffee spill.  The spill was directly in the path of a very busy walkway to Pier B.  Your employee pointed customers around the coffee to avoid a slip and fall.  I dialed Operations to ask for Massport to come clean the spill when another G1 Facility Employee came around the corner with a mop and wiped up the coffee spill.  He said, ‘Sometimes it’s just easier to take care of it rather than to wait on Massport.’  He had borrowed the mop from next door.

This may seem like a very small act, but in my eyes it speaks volumes about your employees, and how they embrace our brand like their own.  I truly appreciate these two employees for all they do for us, and specifically today for their small kind act that went a long way.”

– G1 Facility Services Customer

Thank you to all of our amazing employees who take pride in keeping our customer’s facilities operating efficiently and looking amazing, and who are willing to go that extra mile!