G1’s Jimmy Emile in San Juan helping remove trees on and around houses of JetBlue employees.

This past month Hurricane Irma ripped through several areas including Florida, the Caribbean, Puerto Rico and several other areas. At one point, this devastating storm was the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic. Irma hit Florida as a Category 4 storm, destroying homes, flooding cities, and knocking out power to millions of people. ⁱ

With Hurricane Irma bringing destruction so soon after Hurricane Harvey, G1 was more than compelled to travel to not only Florida, but Puerto Rico to give assistance to the employees and families of our partner and friend, JetBlue Airways. G1 was able to send two of our employees to San Juan (SJU), two to Fort Lauderdale (FLL) who also traveled to Fort Myers (RSW), and seven men to Orlando (MCO). In all these locations our G1 men brought trucks full of supplies, tarps, generators, water, etc. Our teams also supported clean-up efforts at JetBlue facilities and JetBlue employees’ homes, as well as aiding in the inspections of the airports for damages and safety. There have been many thankful responses from JetBlue employees, families, and management. We are always grateful for the ability to lend a helping hand to our friends at JetBlue.

A special thank you to all of our G1 employees who were able to participate in aiding JetBlue in the Florida area during this trying time.




Picture of damage in Fort Myers, FL.



Picture of damage in Fort Myers, FL.



G1’s JFK employees at The Lodge in MCO with JetBlue’s CEO and President Robin Hayes.