Newark (EWR) – The G1 Team, together with Omni-Serv, recently began a two-year long project for OTG Management in Newark International Airport, Terminal C, which emphasizes OTG’s “gate hold” concept. G1 will be aiding OTG in renovating every gate hold area in terminal C. Just recently, G1 completed the second gate hold in EWR and is quickly moving on to the next gate area. G1 will be working on this project non-stop for the next year and a half, spending an average of 2 weeks on each gate hold area.

OTG portrays a corporate image of efficiency and effectiveness while emphasizing their dedication to customers. G1 is able to easily uphold these standards in the execution of this project. Our team’s goal is to accomplish OTG’s vision of creating a hold area for flight passengers where they can order food and beverages with iPads conveniently mounted on every table to ensure a pleasant, no-hassle experience for every customer. Omni-Serv is responsible for all deliveries while our G1 Team is responsible for assembly and installation of all furniture. The gate hold areas that have already been completed by G1 have received accolades and we are proud to work with JetBlue in seeing this project through to completion.

A special thank you to Alex Wharton for heading the G1 Team, Diane Carini with Omni-Serv, and to everyone involved in ensuring the success of this project!