Newark, NJ – G1, together with Hartz Mountain Industries Inc, recently finished the remodel and buildout of the second phase of the new parking lots for United Airlines. This multi-phase project began last year with Phase 1, which was completed in 2016. Phase 2 started at the beginning of this year, from January- June 2017. The completion will be with Phase 3 and is slated to occur in 2021. The parking lots, which span 38.2 acres and include 3,519 parking spaces, are for the use of United Airlines Employees.

G1 Contracting and G1 Electric played a significant role in the successful completion of both Phase 1 and Phase 2. The work done by G1 for both phases was a group effort headed by Nelson Coimbra, who managed the entire project, Dan Kushner, and Adam Pianka. Dan was responsible for the security design, installation, and integration of the security cameras, video servers and access control systems. Dan and Nelson worked together in the project management aspect of the fiber optic and microwave networking for the cameras & access control systems. Adam and his team at G1 Electric were responsible for all of the electrical, mechanical, and wiring for the gate systems and access control systems, as well as for the bus shelters and camera systems.

A special thank you to Nelson Coimbra for efficiently managing this project, to SPS for taking on the management and successful migration of the United Airlines employees into the new parking lots, as well as to Adam Pianka, Dan Kushner, and the rest of the G1 team involved in ensuring the success of this massive expansion.