Boston (BOS) – Recently, our G1 team in Boston has been working vigorously on several projects, one of which includes a renovation of a Potbelly Sandwich Shop in Logan International Airport. Potbelly portrays an image of simplicity and community while creating a warm, friendly atmosphere that persuades customers to view their restaurant as the “Neighborhood Sandwich Shop.” Our G1 team was easily able to refresh the space to illustrate the company’s vision of “celebrating the local neighborhood.” G1 helped Potbelly achieve their desired overall look with a quick revamp of the location. The renovation included sanding down, re-staining and sealing all wood fixtures (wooden wall panels, counter fronts, etc.) as well as painting the space with a variety of colors to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. G1 was also responsible for painting portions of the ceiling grid, HVAC diffusers and exhaust grills to achieve the face-lift the space needed to match Potbelly’s brand image of dedication to their customers’ comfort.

A special thank you is extended to Don Bibo, Boston Site Manager for G1 Facility Services, as well as the rest of the G1 team in Boston for exceeding expectation and working diligently to make this renovation a success.