Houston (IAH) – Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas a few weeks ago as the first major hurricane to strike southern Texas in almost 50 years. As a Category 4 hurricane, Harvey deposited a year’s worth of rain in Houston and southeastern Texas in only one week leaving over 100,000 homes damaged or destroyed and taking 82 lives. The destruction caused by this historic flooding will take months or even years to rectify. ⁱ

A G1 team made up of MCO, JFK and BOS employees headed together to Houston to lend a helping hand to JetBlue Airways employees and their families during Hurricane Harvey. With this hurricane lasting longer than expected and leaving so much devastation in its wake, G1 wanted to provide whatever help we could to our JetBlue friends down in Texas. We sent our team down to Houston for about a week equipped with a service van and 24’ box truck both loaded with supplies, generators, tarps, water etc. and an RV for housing. The team helped clean up about five homes of JetBlue employees including ripping up carpets and cutting sheet rock and insulation damaged by the flood waters. Our goal was to come alongside our partner, JetBlue, and help make these damaged homes livable for the time being while providing some relief with food, water, toiletries and other supplies. The Florida JetBlue employees were very grateful for the support and our team was very thankful for the opportunity to help.

A very special thank you to Miguel Sierra and Trini Mascarenhas (MCO), Rich Nanton and Mahendra “AJ” Rupram (JFK) and Brendan Collins (BOS) for all their effort in providing support for the Florida JetBlue crewmembers and their families.



The G1 team headed to Houston.


House Damage from Hurricane Harvey.


3 Our G1 team with one of the families they were able to help.